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What is Trackerbird Software Analytics and Runtime Intelligence?

The equivalent of Google Analytics for desktop software applications. Anonymously track installations and user engagement whilst boosting conversions through in-app analytics.

A highly advanced analytics engine with interactive drilldown filters! Learn about feature usage, evaluation and conversion trends by region, language, license, version, edition, platform, etc.

A powerful Sales & Marketing tool. Monitor and boost your conversion trends by pushing direct-to-desktop messages and surveys to end-users running your software.

Start tracking in just 30 minutes (guaranteed)

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Start tracking installations in real-time. Send in-app messages & collect user feedback directly from your app.

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400 installations FREE
1000 installations $ 49 /mth
3000 installations $ 149 /mth
7000 installations $ 349 /mth

Custom or Enterprise pricing


  • Track installations and user activity
  • Track feature usage trends
  • License Conversion Funnel analysis
  • User loyalty analysis
  • Validate license keys with piracy blacklist
  • Check for new builds / version updates
  • Track exceptions generated by your software
  • Privacy mode for opt-out customers
  • Direct-to-Desktop messages & surveys


For Product Management


  • Easy 30-minute integration
  • No infrastructure or upfront costs
  • Fully managed cloud service
  • FACTS to answer your PM questions
  • Real-time interactive reports
  • Business Intelligence NOT raw statistics
  • Increase Conversions with ReachOut msgs
  • Lightweight, Anonymous & Secure
  • FREEWARE does not expire!


For Sales & Marketing

Product Management Ebook

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