Out with Gut Feelings...
In with the facts

Track installations and churn, in-app events and product usage after your product has been installed.

Take the Guesswork out of Product Management

Build better software applications with analytics and data-driven insight.

Reporting Web API:
Custom Reports & Exporting Data

The flexibility to create your own custom reports and retrieve data in raw JSON format or a formatted HTML chart or table.

Software Usage Analytics and Runtime Intelligence

Build better applications by knowing, not guessing.
Get Powerful Insights for Desktop Software
  • Anonymously track installations & engagement
  • Analytics for Windows, Linux, or Mac applications
Make Data-Driven Product Decisions
  • Instantly pinpoint feature usage, evaluation & conversion trends
  • Segment by region, version, platform & more
Optimize Marketing & Sales Efforts
  • Boost conversion with offers delivered via in-app messaging
  • Collect in-app feedback from users to get ahead of market needs

Getting Results is Quick and Easy

Get started in just 30 minutes

Create an account and register your application.

Integrate SDK

Add the SDK to your Windows, Linux, or Mac application in just 30 minutes.

Launch & Collect Data

Release your application and collect feature usage, install metrics, runtime data and more in our cloud environment.

Product Features

Use Actionable Intelligence to Understand and Engage Users
User & Product Activity

Track how many unique users have installed, uninstalled, or are actively using your software. Discover usage patterns by different user groups.

Feature Usage & Events

Discover which of your product features are more popular with customers and which of them remain undiscovered or unused. Focus your development efforts on what people really want.

In-App Messaging

Send targeted in-app messages, announcements or surveys directly to the desktop of users running your software and matching specific criteria. 100% visibility and delivery rate guranteed, no coding required.

Geo, OS & Hardware Architecture

Identify where your users are located and on what OS platforms, languages and hardware architectures they run your software. Prioritize your development and testing for customer environments.

Version Validation & Upgrade Prompts

Compare product activity between different Versions / Editions / Builds and use the check-for-updates service to automatically check for new releases and prompt users to upgrade to your latest build.

Churn, Engagement & Conversion

Use interactive conversion funnels to understand customer behavior at each stage of their lifecycle. Improve your Sales cycle with Churn, Engagement and user loyalty reports for each of your user segments.

Benefits Your Entire Orgnization

Implement an Analytics Solution with Insights for All
Easy to Integrate
  • 30-minute SDK installation
  • No upfront or infrastructure costs
  • Fully managed cloud service
Intelligence, Not Just Data
  • Real-time reporting
  • Analytics that uncover usage insight
  • Facts that guide product management
Improved Conversion/Upgrades
  • Create data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Understand which features users will pay for
  • Reach out directly to users
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